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Do you know... PC Care can supply Olivetti PR2 Plus Banking printers, spare parts and consumables.
PC Care has been appointed a Supplies Distributor

Supplies and Consumables

Here at PC Care, we carry in stock a comprehensive range of supplies and consumables for Olivetti, Develop and Canon equipment. Our stock lines cover many models of photocopier (copia), printer (dotmatrix, inkjet, laser, thermal and daisy wheel types), fax machine (thermal, inkjet and laser types), typewriter and printing calculators .

As part of our on-line services you can browse our supplies and consumables stock inventory and order from our on-line shop.

Supplies and consumables cover a broad spectrum of items. Primarily among these items are dotmatrix printer and typewriter ribbons, ink cartridges for inkjet printers and fax machines and toner for laser printers and copias. But our supplies and consumables range also includes more durable items such as laser printer and copia transfer belts, drums and fusing units. We also stock a number of supporting accessories like printer sheet feeders, specialized battery chargers and printer conversion kits (colour and photo kits).

If you have any queries regarding supplies and consumables, do not hesitate to email our sales department.